Reimagine Trash…

as a resource, as a feedstock, as an opportunity

Sustainable Business Park

Project Overview

The Kent County Department of Public Works has set a bold goal to divert 90% of Kent County-generated trash that goes to landfills by 2030. Building a sustainable business park is an essential part of reaching that goal.

Building a sustainable business park will help our community significantly reduce trash buried in landfills and attract investment and jobs from companies that can convert waste into usable products.

The sustainable business park will attract companies that specialize in reclaiming or converting waste materials that might otherwise be dumped into the landfill into usable materials, such as fuel pellets, plastic flake, compost and more. There are opportunities for complementary businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to tap into these reclaimed or converted materials and transform them into new products, including clothing, automotive components or animal feed.

The park has tremendous potential for preserving open space, creating jobs, research, generating renewable energy and moving us closer to our goal of reducing landfill waste, which will help conserve natural resources and protect the quality of our water.

Planning Process

The Kent County Department of Public Works is bringing together national and local experts to create a plan for a sustainable business park to make West Michigan a leader in waste recovery.

Instead of expanding the Byron Center landfill, Kent County DPW is engaging local stakeholders and gathering data over the next several months to study the feasibility of a sustainable business park on 200 acres of land adjacent to the landfill. The plan will look at the necessary improvements, costs, funding sources and a proposed implementation schedule.

As part of the plan, the DPW is actively working with the business community to attract potential tenants and complementary technologies to minimize the gap between planning and implementation.

Planning Partners